Volunteers add a touch of ”home”

Yesterday, walking into Jeneece Place, the smell of meatballs tantalized everyone’s taste buds; today its chicken barley soup and scones; and last week the chocolate oatmeal cookies flew off the cooling rack. We are so lucky to have volunteers come in to Jeneece Place with recipes in hand. They cook and bake while families are finishing breakfast or grabbing a snack. And families love knowing that on Wednesday, Bev will be making yet another delicious meal, that Heather is here on Thursdays with the makings for soup and muffins, and that Anne comes in on Fridays with a tried and true recipe for cookies.

Thanks to Fairway Markets’ Pack the Pantry campaign, we have gift cards to buy supplies. Sometimes there are leftovers that we freeze so that dinner is almost ready for a family that is busy and pre-occupied with their sick child. We’re also very appreciative for all of the baking done by the Victoria Bethel of the International Daughters of Job. These young women baked amazing cookies, muffins and brownies and delivered them to Jeneece Place a couple of weeks ago. Some were devoured right away, and others were frozen to be appreciated later.


Home cooked meals and baking (chocolate is an essential food group!) contribute hugely to creating a healthy and nurturing environment for families. Thanks to these volunteers for all that they are lovingly preparing!


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